Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday 12 January - Musee Marmotan Monet and Trocadero

The Musee Marmotan Monet is one of the few in Paris that is open on a Tuesday with the result that it was crowded.  The ground floor and above is not particularly suited for showing paintings although the furniture and ornaments are very good.  The special exhibition, Villa Flora, was especially cramped and not very interesting and was made particularly difficult by the large number of conducted groups that blocked everything,  The best part of the musee was the below ground permanent exhibition of Monet's work.  These large works were placed where they could be admired from a distance with a minimum of interference from others.  In particular, two circular spaces were devoted to paintings made in Giverny.  The musee boasts that they have the largest collection of Monets however they are mostly very similar examples of water lillies and iris.

It was raining when we entered the museum but the sun was shining at lunch time and the kids had a pick up game of football going in the street in the park.

We walked along the rue de Passy to the Trocadero passing two Wallace fountains on the way.
Reinforced concrete railings are used as imitation rustic work on a pathway which climbs up a cliff on the side of the Trocadero gardens.

The Trocadero has extensive gardens with much running water.  We climbed to the top open area and made for the no. 30 bus stop just in time to catch a bus back to Villiers.

This evening we actually did some cooking, or heating up. Monoprix provided confit de canard, two legs covered in duck fat.  They had to be heated up and browned.  With some salad and baguette it worked out very well.  The meat was very tender and not as fibrous as many we have had in restaurants.  Worth doing again.

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