Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday 11 January - A Lazy Day

I didn't do very much today.  The day started with the usual Monday morning symphony.  A truck arrived at the place next door and parked with its engine running blocking the entire street.  It then proceeded to unload materials with a small crane.  A build up of cars and vans waiting to get past was accompanied by impatient motor horns and then the sound of back up beepers as they backed down to Legendre.  The thumping and banging of the unloading was accompanied by the high pitched shouts of the kids racing down the street going to school.

The offending truck finally left and was shortly replaced by the garbage truck making its regular pickup.

Mary laundered the bedding and towels today.  The only part I am allowed in this process is to carry the very heavy wet linen in an enormous bag down to the laundromat where Mary oversees the drying.  Clean sheets tonight.

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