Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday 4 January - A Different Wallace Fountain

This morning I made reservations for our trip to Reims with Pat when she arrives in February.  As usual using the SNCF web site required a little patience, trying to figure out the date order etc.  I don't understand why it is cheaper in some cases to go first class rather than economy but took advantage of it.  I then went down to Saint-Lazare to do battle with a machine to actually print the tickets.  Again, this took a little patience.  To print a ticket it is necessary to print a file.  Ah well - but I finally succeeded.

Saint-Lazare was not busy but I was surprised to see a diesel shunter being used on empty stock working.
Saint-Lazare through the railing, taken from the main line side looking towards the suburban side.
This afternoon we decided to walk along the rue de Ternes in pleasant sunshine.  There is an interesting Wallace fountain, known as the colonnade model.This model was the last to be realized. The general shape resembles that of the Large Model and the caryatids were replaced with small columns to reduce the cost of fabrication. The dome was also less pointy and the lower part more curved. Only two survive, one of which is at the Place Tristan Bernard.

We had intended to look at the lights on the Champs Elysees but, being a bright sunny day, it took a little while to become dark so we stopped for a drink  and clafoutis at a cafe on the rue de Ternes.  When we arrived at the Arc de Triomphe it was evident that the lights had been removed, presumably to reduce the crowds.
It is always fun to watch the traffic at the Arc de Triomphe and admire the massive bulk of the structure.
The walk home was through Monceau Parc.  It was the first day back at school and there were a lot of kids with their parents and nannies.  Several kids had hoverboards, very expensive Christmas presents.
We dropped in and bought an excellent Gateau du Roi at Lenotre.  The almond filling was very good.  For the second time I won the feve and did not damage my teeth doing so.

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