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Saturday 16 January - Parc de Sceaux and Dinner in Neuilly

We took RER line B from Gare du Nord this morning to La Croix de Berny.  We had intended to get off at Parc de Sceaux but this particular train didn't stop there and Croix de Berny was just as convenient.

The Parc de Sceaux is another enormous park laid out in the grand style with a very big man-made lake.  This will give an idea of its scope.,2.2894605,15.38z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47e67748e741d927:0xa9abcc24e00d5ef5?hl=en

We entered at the south (bottom)  end and walked along the east side of the lake. past the fountain and up a series of formal waterfalls to the Chateau which is a local museum (closed at the moment). From there we walked along the Allee d'Honneur into the town and caught the RER from Bourg-la-Reine back to Gare du Nord.

Formal Gardens at the Parc de Sceaux
Being a nice day and not being in a rush we decided to walk to the Gare de l'Est and catch the no. 30 bus back.  Rue Magenta is always interesting with its profusion of bridal and formal wear shops while Clichy and Batignolles are always busy.
A piece of whimsy at the Gare du Nord, newly installed last October
Set in the floor of the main entrance hall of the Gare de l'Est 
Diva et Chocolats had baked a Brioche Bordelaise or Galette du Rois Bordelaise.  The crystallized fruit was very good
This evening we were invited to dinner at Le Chalet, a restaurant near the Sablons metro.   Fred Hume made the reservation and the rest of the group were Lauren, his wife, Gail Boisclair and her boyfriend Larbi, Phillip (American) and his wife Tiphane IFranch. The restaurant specialized in Savoyarde cooking.  Mary and I had a three cheese fondue which we shared with Phillip and Lauren while others had raclette.  It was a great evening with lots interesting discussion.  The restaurant was full when we left and there was a big line up of people waiting for tables - all with glasses in hand.  Fred then took us to a bar next door where we had drinks and sat outside.  The lady brought out a complimentary pizza and just laughtd when we explained that we had just left Le Chalet.  With a laugh she said "I will just leave it here anyway."  In the end Phillip and Tiphane had it boxed and took it back for their three children.
Tiphane with Fred hidden behind a pile of grilled potatoes.  The raclette is behind the water bottle.  The cheese is heated and melts on to thr plate below where it is scraped up and mixed with the meat.
Gail and Larbi with their nightcaps and the complimentary pizza.

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