Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday 2 January - Batignolles Biologique Marche and other things

The Batignolles Marche Biologique is held every Saturday morning in the open space between the two traffic lanes of the Boulevard des Batignolles next to the Rome metro station.  It is actually set in the centre reservation above the metro.
Rome metro entrance looking towards Sacre Coeur.  The market is beyond the pleasant patch of low maintenance greenery
Batignolles Marche Biologique
The market contains the usual range of stalls but the quality appears to be very good (fish, meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, breads etc.)  A vast collection of carpets were available and the carpet seller also repaired chairs.  Skin care products were much in evidence and there was even a man selling those special tools that do wonders at cutting vegetables and fruit.  They always do so well in the demonstrators hands but purchasers find them not so easy.
Place de Clichy
We then walked to the Place de Clichy and down the rue d'Amsterdam to Saint-Lazare.
This was the first 170xxx series electric I have seen in Saint-Lazare on this trip..  They have mostly been displaced by the new electric multiple unit trains.
We walked along to the theatre on rue du Rocher to buy tickets for a performance next Wednesday. The small back streets always seem to contain something of interest.
This apartment had four Sabntas
Interesting brick and tile work
The bakery at the top end of the rue de Levis had a lot of decorations over its awning.
I won the "feve" this year.  A ceramic "feve" is hidden in each Gateau du Roi.  I found it without breaking a tooth as well.
We had intended to walk over to the Arc de Triomphe to see the Christmas lights on the Champs Elysees but it started to rain so we will try again tomorrow.

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