Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday 31 January - Daffodils

It was raining first thing but the rain gradually stopped and it was pretty warm out.  After some vegetable and baguette shopping we went out to look for daffodils.  There was a great stand in the Parc de Monceau - January 31.  Monceau was very busy indeed with possibly 100 joggers all running around the perimeter in an anticlockwise direction.  The merry go round was operating and several families with small kids.  The dog walkers were out in force and it was amusing to see two dogs approach each other then get their leads hopelessly entangled.
Super today was the remains of yesterday's rotisserie chicken with roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and tomatoes.  Dessert was from Diva et Chocolats.

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