Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday 27 June - Return to Ottawa

The Air Canada flight to Ottawa now leaves at 1520 so there was plenty of time to have a leisurely breakfast and make our way over to Paddington.  The overall roof has been cleaned and the whole station is a lot brighter now.  Trouble is that the polluting diesels are going to be using the station for a couple more years so it will start to become dingy again..
Heathrow Express was fast and we had plenty of time before the flight was called - an hour ahead of departure.
The plane was not very full and the flight was relaxed in spite of one of the cabin crew who received her training in the gestapo.
The 97 bus described an even larger loop through Hurdman now.
Walking over the bridge between the Rideau Centre and The Bay we were disappointed that the sink hole has been filled in so we missed it completely.

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