Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friday 10 June - St. Chads

After my exertions of the last couple of days we took it easy today and went to a concert at St. Chads.  It was the Brahms Clarinet quartet, an ambitious piece for such a group but nevertheless entertaining, especially the joyful third movement.
The calve's liver and roast potatoes was very good indeed.
We had a late lunch at Carluccios which was quite good.  We were seated close to a table of young ladies who were having a good time and either were not planning on going back to work or on taking a long lunch.  One got out her cell phone to calculate everybody's share but it was wrong and an additional amount was required.

After that it was shopping and a drink at the Admoiral Benbow.
It was surprising to see Peruvians in Shrewsbury.

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