Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 30 - October 1 - Travel with Paul to Zurich

The Air Canada flight to Zurich was miserable. Even though some of the crew tried to smile, many didn't bother.  We were glad to get off after the ride through the countryside around the Frankfurt airport.  We had a little time to wait for the train to Basel which turned out to be an ICE - 3 high speed train where passengers can watch the driver.  However, our first class reservations were very comfortable and we used the couple of hours to Basel to get a little shut eye.
The newer German high speed trains allow passengers to see through the front 
 It was raining heavily with very low cloud at Frankfurt but the weather improved as we moved south and there had not been any rain at Zurich. The train was very smooth even though we were running at 200 kmph virtually all the way

At Basel we had to change trains for Zurich and we let several go for half an hour or so in order to catch the TGV from Paris.  It arrived spot on time and we had a smooth run while we enjoyed the view from the top deck.
At Basel we actually found a dirty train.
Our TGV at Zurich alongside a 460

Zurich was very busy on a Saturday afternoon.  We took a number 14 tram to visit a model shop.  Some of the model locomotives were priced at around $1,200.
Neither of us slept last night so we are going to bed early this evening.

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