Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday 22 June - Cwmyoy and Llanthony

We took the train to Abergavenny this morning and met John and Valerie for a quick visit.

The first stop was at the Skirrid Arms which bills itself as the oldest pub in Wales.  Of particular note was the gallows where at least 180 people were hung, many for sheep stealing.

Valerie kindly volunteered to demonstrate the gallows.
Both Valerie and Mary survived the visit to the gallows.  Photo by John Palmer.
We then went on to look at the church at Cwmvoy which was struck by a landslide many years ago but has remained in use even though it is badly buckled now and there is hardly a level or vertical part in it.

Many walls have been strengthened.
A notice on the door asks visitors to keep the door closed to prevent the swallows flying in.  There were two nests in the entrance.
Llanthony Abbey is in a wonderful valley in the Brecon Beacons National Park.  No power lines are allowed and a 360 degree view is fantastic.  It is completely unspoiled and the only sounds are from the sheep and birds..

A "modern" cottage has been added into the ruins of the abbey

We were watched by a number of horses while we had a picnic, Welsh cakes, Battemburg cake.  We were also observed by chaffinches, wagtails and rooks who were looking for any crumbs 
After lunch we walked through a field of sheep to get a view of the abbey.  I think this lamb was politely saying "P--- off."
Photo by John Palmer

The train back was shown as on time but ran 3 minutes late and we were checked badly on the run into Shrewsbury.  Network Rail and Arriva Trains Wales do a poor job in this area.

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