Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday 26 June - A walk in the park

The weather turned out sunny and we walked along to Kensington Gardens then into Hyde Park and Green Park to St. James's Park.  From there we took the Underground to Tower Hill (the Circle line is completely shut down this weekend and the District line is only operating as far east as Tower Hill - more "planned disruptions") and fought the crowds across Tower Bridge to the Anchor and Tap for a pint and a glass of rose.  The flowers were at their peak and we spent some time watching the waterbirds carefully looking after their young.
These unusual plants were growing very high.  There were small white flowers
This squirrel was on the lookout for food.  He jumped down and climbed up my pant leg.  His claws were sharp
This goose family wanted to get the goslings across the footpath where lots of people were passing.  The one in the rear just hissed at people and they made way.
The geese kept the young under very close control

We came across a large flock of parrots which were nearly invisible against the green leaves of the trees

This can only be described as a riot of color.
The tufted ducks were very much in evidence
View from St. James's Park bridge
Coots had built several nests in the lake.

The three pelicans were out very close to the tourists.
Walking back to the Tower Hill station we stopped for an ice cream then noticed that Tower Bridge was being raised to let a vessel into the pool of London.

This is the MV Balmoral, a heritage vessel which was an Isle of Wight ferry at one time.

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