Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday 3 June - Walk along the Severn

We went first thing to look for the mother duck with ten ducklings in the Quarry Gardens. There was absolutely no sign of them although the good weather provided an opportunity for further pictures of the rhododendrons which are getting past their peak.

The walk past the cricket ground along the river is always pleasant.  Many trees were in full bloom and the fields were yellow with buttercups. A grey heron circled overhead.
The horses had a diet heavy with buttercups
The cattle preferred a closely cropped area
Mixed grill at the Boathouse was very good but I didn't have room for deep fried Mars bar
On our way back the duck family (down to seven ducklings) was out.  It is amazing how they can hide themselves.
WE went for a drink at the Three Fishes this evening.

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