Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday 17 February - Wallace Collection and Borough Market

The Wallace Collection was amazing.  The house was extremely well organized and every room took our breath away.  The exhibits were well lit and well displayed and everything left the impression that it had been well restored.  Then problem was that there was so much to see and appreciate that one quickly became overwhelmed. It is not really possible to describe my feelings - the exhibits are so well displayed and preserved all I can say is wow.
This YouTube video gives a good overview of the collection with accompanying organ music by J.S. Bach.

The green wall paper was staggering
Wonderful detail evven in the tassels

Two exquisite Canalettos
Pat was absorbed looking at the paintings
The Laughing Cavalier
The main hall was stupendous
Richard Wallace had the fountains designed and made for the city of Paris.
We left the Wallace Collection completely overwhelmed - further visits are required.  Borough Market was another worthwhile visit.  There are a great number of stalls providing a wonderful variety of foods and drinks. We settled for a Dorset firm which was providing fresh scallops cooked on the spot and served with stir fried vegetables.  It was wonderful.
A great variety of edible fungus

How could they be home bred if they are wild?
We found a pub close by which had Timothy Taylor's Landlord Ale.  Not that easy to come by in London.  It was very good.
A walk along the embankment produced an excellent view of HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge.
We finished the day with a John Smith's bitter at the Anchor Tap near Tower Bridge. A visit to the Duke of Kendal near the hotel was marred by the complete lack of knowledge of the beers on draft by the ignorant barman.

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  1. How warm and luminous those rooms are at the Wallace Collection! They are definitely not afraid to use strong beautiful colours.
    AND what kind of barman does not know his beers??