Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friday 11 February - Versailles Circular Tour, Eiffel Tower and Home Cooking

I took a train from Saint-Lazare to La Defense and changed to a train to Versailles Chantier.
At Verssailler Chantier I actually saw a freight train
From Versailles Chantier there is an interesting RER line C working.  It starts there then runs anti clockwise through Massy Palaiseau, Juvissy anf Francois Mitterant to Austerlitz.  It continues along by the river through Orsay  and Viroflay to Versailles Chateau. The two stations in Versailles are close to each other but the journey takes 1 3/4 hours and covers a large part of the left bank as well as some country in the south.  The train I rode was one of those which had been decorated inside with vinyls from Versailles.  The train needed a good cleaning inside.

While I was traveling on the RER Mary and Pat visited the Grand Palais and the Eiffel Tower.  This was Pat's first visit.
A coupe de champagne helps to counteract the altitude
For dinner this evening I heated up confit fe canard and made fried potatoes with a good crunch factor.  Dessert came from Lenotre.

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