Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday 8 February - Rubber tired trams

I went to Chatillon and took the rubber tired tram to Wagner.  This line has now been open just over a year.  The tram made rapid progress along the completely separated right of way.  The acceleration and deceleration were both very good but the ride is a little bumpy already.

Chatillon.  Guidance is through the centre rail.
I was left with the impression that these are better and, with the guideway, faster than buses but inferior to the trams and about as reliable as the OTrain.

Everything went pear shaped when I tried to get on a tram back into Paris at Wagner.  The whole system was shut down and I was told to take a bus.  The errant trams, three of them, went off empty.  I don't know this area at all but by talking to the bus driver I managed to get to Chaville-Velizy on RER line C and returned to Paris via the Invalides.  The train came from Versailles and makes a big circuit through Paris before returning to Versailles.  At first it looked as if I was on a train going in the wrong direction.

We had a mixture of clear blue skies with periods of heavy rain and high winds.  The city parks were closed because of the winds and some trees have come down across the railway

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