Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday 19 February - St. Pauls and St. James' Park

We went first thing to St. Pauls and managed to get in very quickly so we beat the half term rush.  It is very expensive even with the seniors' discount yet no photography is allowed.  Furthermore there are signs plastered everywhere to this effect. The interior is well maintained and beautiful.  We took the 257 steps up to the Whispering Gallery but decided to go no further - I have, in fact, been right up to the top but many years ago.
I am sure the church would have tried to ban photography of the exterior if they had thought they could have got away with it.
We then walked along Fleet Street and found our way to Lincoln's Inn Fields for the Soames Museum. Security required that all purses, handbags etc be carried in clear plastic bags although the reasons for this were not clear.  The interior of this house was dark, dingy, dirty and claustrophobic and we left as soon as possible.
Great decoration on the lamp posts
We had a drink at the old Bank of England building and then I walked to St. James Park, via Charing Cross, Trafalgar Square and then back to the hotel through Hyde Park. There were large banks of daffodils but the most interesting part was the birdlife.  There were many overwintering ducks as well as the resident pelicans, cormorants, geese and swans,

The pelicans are fed an average of 2.5 fish a day.  The cormorants presumably have to fend for themselves.

Two geese with four goslings.

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