Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday 14 February - Au Pied de Cochon

The weather forecast was for rain from midday and the forecast was pretty accurate. We went to Sentier and walked down to Les Halles, Saint-Eustache and to the restaurant Au Pied de Cochon,
This green wall is very impressive

Montorgueuil was pretty busy as usual on Sunday morning.  Being Valentine's Day, the restaurant was also busy.
- onion soup au gratin/razor clams
- kidneys/coquilles st-jacques
- vacherin/la vie en rose
La Vie en Rose
It was all very good, the kidneys were exceptional - in a casserole with a thick sauce and potatoes and mushrooms. I had half a bottle of Chinon.

As we left we were given roses by the girl who acted as greeter and we hoped that her foot gets better - she hurt it playing soccer a couple of weeks ago.  Several of the staff also made a point of saying goodbye.  A very friendly restaurant.

Pat and Mary didn't have much luck this afternoon.  The queues at the Pompidou Centre were so long that they gave up.  Then a couple bought the last tickets for a movie at the Place de Clichy.  They consoled themselves with some excellent macarons from Lenotre.

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