Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday 7 June - Bishops Castle

Minsterley Motors took us to Bishops Castle through Minsterley and Pontesbury and we walked up the hill past the town hall/visitor centre tor a coffee before climbing higher to the outskirts of town. The cat in charge of the small square was keeping an eye on things just like last year. The flowers, both in the gardens and semi wild, were a joy to behold while the birds provided a noisy musical accompaniment (rooks, blackbirds, robins swallows and others).
The concrete was warm and provided a good vantage point

Lunch was, as usual, at the Three Tuns where the chef exceed our expectations. There was a small dog that worked its way under the chairs, benches and tables in the hope of getting some scraps. When it realized that we had finished eating it made its way to other tables.  It didn't have much luck at all.
Sauteed scallops
Duck pate with a caramelized crust
Sea Bass
A very tender duck breast au jus with vegetables and roast potatoes
Orange and Cointreau creme brule with shortbread biscuits
After an excellent long lunch we made a short visit to the town hall/visitor centre.  This is the smallest municipality in England.  The charter dates back to the early 1600s and regular meetings are still held.
View across the Shropshire Hills from the town hall chamber

Many of the houses are painted bright contrasting colors which adds to the attractiveness of the town.  The view of the zipper was spoiled by the car outside.
The weather forecast was for rain this afternoon and we came prepared.  It started to rain and we spent the last 20 minutes before the bus arrived in the bus shelter.  A man, also waiting for the bus, told us, in a very broad accent, that there had been a very heavy downpour in Clun which is only some 6 miles away.

As expected, the bus back to Shrewsbury arrived about five minutes early.  There were about 20 schoolchildren on the bus and two boys got out and went into the local sweet shop.  They came out with plastic bags full of drink and snacks for most of them (there is a notice in the front of the bus saying no drinks or snacks which was honored in the breach).  The driver leaned round and said "Are you all back?".  There was a chorus of "Yes." and we set out to return to Shrewsbury.  The kids were shouting loudly but were otherwise well behaved.  Some of them have a long way to go on the bus and at one point about ten got off and piled into a couple of minivans to take them to their homes.

It rained most of the way back but has cleared up this evening.

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