Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday 5 June - River Festival

It was a very good day today for the River Festival which is held on the Quarry Park.  It was a big event but there was a lot of  room left over for groups to sit on the grass, have picnics, play ball and exercise dogs.  The range of fast food available was very wide and included Mexican, Asian and African as well as the more traditional burgers and fish and chips.  Water safety was being emphasized while many conservation groups were represented including one that planned to rebuild and reopen the Shrewsbury Canal.

The prosecco cart added a bit of class

At Waitrose we found a treacle tart but it wasn't as good as the tarts my old mum used to make.  Her filling was much deeper and sweeter while her home made bread crumbs added an uneven texture.
A Fire Company mark on a building close to the apartment.
Lunch today was at the Carvery of the Coach and Horses - roast pork with all the trimmings. It was excellent.

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