Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday 18 June - Shrewsbury Carnival

The Shrewsbury Carnival was held today.  There were some food and charity stands set up on the Quarry but things got off to a slow start.
The beer tent was set up expecting a large crowd

Pulled pork sandwich for lunch
The procession was delayed by a few minutes while the organizers sorted out how to handle a paintball tank that arrived late and was pointing in the wrong direction.  Finally the Town Crier walked past with the Junior Crier

After watching the procession from Victoria Quay we walked back and joined the crowd at the bottom of Shoplatch to see it again

A lot of people had come to see the procession and there were also a lot of people in the procession.  Many small kids saw their friends in the spectators and came over to talk to them.  The drivers of the long lorries did a good job negotiating the city streets around some pretty tight turns.
Everytbody had a good time and the town was quickly brought back to normal after the last vehicle had passed.

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