Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday 17 June - St. Chad's Organ Concert

Although we do not have window boxes there is a surprising array of growth on the window ledges.

There was an organ concert at St. Chad's today given by Peter King from Bath Abbey. He played pieces by Whitlock, Mendelsohn, Frederick Wood and Boellman.  It was a good concert and Mr. King demonstrated that it was possible to play the organ loudly without losing the tunes.  The pieces by Whitlock and Wood were in the style of Elgar which is appropriate for this area.

There are French and Italian stalls in the market today and tomorrow (for Carnival).  I bought a loaf of walnut bread. The whole transaction was in French, the lady came from Normandy.
At the market the scone man has a tray of Bread and Butter Pudding.  It was just like my old Mum used to make.  Crispy on the outside and with granulated sugar on top.  The inside was solid and guaranteed to fill you up.  I haven't tasted anything like this since the late 70s..

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