Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Monday 6 June - Wem

Wem is billed as a small market town which s famous for sweet peas.  It has one main street and is not very interesting.  We took the train out and caught the next one back.  Didn't see a sweet pea.
Terry Pratchett would have been proud
This small deconsecrated church is now in a community park, the grave stones have been moved to the edges.
Lunch was at the Armoury which was good - pint of Woods Shropshire Lad.
This flotilla of geese moved down the river.  There were six adults and about 16 goslings.  The adults kept the young close together and one at the back acted as lookout.  He made a lot f noise as they approached an area where dogs were playing on a small beach - the group moved to the other side of the river.

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