Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday 16 June - The Abbey

There is another octagonal Victorian letter box just outside the Abbey. 
The Abbey is well preserved.

The organ is different in that one can actually see the keyboards and the organist
The colored glass is excellent
This window is inspired by the Ellis Peters' series of novels about Brother Cadfael 
The river Severn is high today.  A part of the footpath near the English bridge has been closed off.  Several large tree trunks were floating down. the good news is that no flood warning has been issued.
On our way back we stopped in at the Dingle where the family spotted us from the other side if the lake and came over at high speed to see if we had anything for them.  This time I broke off a piece of pastry which was eaten by the seven young while the parents looked on.
I watched the England v Wales football game this afternoon.  Whenever a goal was scored we could hear cheering from the nearby bars.  England won 2-1 although neither side was particularly good.

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