Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday 29 December - Le P'tit Canon

Lunch today at Le P'tit Canon was excellent.  It was very busy and the kitchen had to contend with 70 covers with just two servers.  We were in a room with just one party of about 20 people who had to work out the best table placements.  The servers could not reach everybody but had to pass the plates, cutlery etc from one location. The red Chinon was good.

We were close to the wine rack where straw hats were stored. Christian, one of the owners, always wears one of these.

Pickled herring (Mary)

Anchovies (Colin) - not at all salty

Ganbas (Mary)

Magret de canard (Coli)

Pear tarte (Mary)

Chocolate mousse
An old beer poster.

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