Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday 25 December - Christmas Day

As usual we had a reservation at Le Grand Colbert. We were a little early and spent a little time in the gardens of the Palais Royal.  The sun was breaking through and it was warm enough to sit out.

It was warm enough to sit out and enjoy the fountain in Le Palais Royal

There is a Christmas tree in the bar of Le Grand Colbert every year which is very attractive but it can slow down movements past it.
We started with a coupe de champagne.
Mousse de SaintJacques with lobster sauce

Onion soup au gratin

Hake with lobster sauce and risotto


Omelette norvegian - meringue around ice cream flamed with rum

Cafe liegois - coffee ice cream, Chantilly cream, wafers and some booze at the bottom.
It was a good meal and we decided to try and walk it off going via the Louvre and Tuileries then back via the Madeleine.
Hard to think that this is an entrance to the metro.
The Louvre and Tuileries were full of tourists and touts but the area around Levis was very quiet.  It seems that a lot of people are out of town.

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