Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday 5 December - Lunch at 395

Passing over the main line into Saint-Lazare I counted 6 passenger trains all moving at once. This is a record, previously I have counted five.  The main line has eleven tracks in this area.

Today we had lunch with Gail from Perfectly Paris. The restaurant was 395.  A very good meal indeed which was made better with a bottle of Morgon
Fish soup with slices of cod

Canette (duck) with s sauce of potiron (squash) with brussels sprouts and potatoes

Dark chocolate with ice cream and banana

Square des Batignolles

Square des Batignolles
We had intended to go to a concert at La Madeleine this evening but after waiting 20 minutes in a line up for tickets with no movement whatsoever we decided to walk to Boulevard Hausseman to see the windows at Galleries Lafayette and Printemps.  Very entertaining and not very many people around compared with what ot will be like later on.

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