Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday 22 December - La Cite de Mode et du Design

The repair man came to replace the broken toilet seat this morning.  He was expecting a five minute job but nothing is straightforward here. In order to get at the holding bolts he had to tilt forward the entire toilet bowl. Thus it took a lot longer than anticipated and he had to put some caulking around the bowl.

It was spitting a little when we left to go to La Cite de Mode et du Design set on the river bank by Austerlitz and close to Bercy.  This is the big green worm which has an intriguing shape but does not contain much of interest. The security guard said there was a restaurant on the top floor. True, but it was completely empty and the two staff members were standing around looking lost. We didn't stay.

A walk through the Gare d'Austerlitz revealed that it was a peak travel season and some of the trains were already fully booked and not accepting any more passengers. This is the only picture I took today.
The long distance trains are all locomotive hauled as opposed to the Gare de Lyon which is completely TGV.
For supper at home this evening we had galettes filled with turkey and cheese. They came out pretty well although it was difficult to get a proper crispness. For dessert we had galettes with sliced banana.

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