Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday 2 December - Place des Vosges

Hotel de Sully

Place des Vosges
 Lunch was at Au Bourguinon du Marais.  The service was friendly but was not an unqualified success. The red wine was excellent.
Saute of mushrooms - very good

Onion soup au gratin - very good with plenty of cheese and a good depth of broth soaked bread

Confit de canard with dauphinois gratinee.  Very high in salt.

Tarte tatin. Silly and nothing like a real tarte tatin
 Bearing in mind we came when the restaurant was practically empty the service was poor

There was a series of cartoons outside the Hotel de Ville on freedom of expression through cartoons.  It was well done,

The lights along Levis were installed today. Its beginning to feel like Christmas.
There was a demonstration of about 30 people singing and dancing accompanied by drums.  They sat down on the Rue de Rivoli outside the Hotel de Ville at the intersection of Beauvais in the rush hour. They were there for about five minutes closely watched by policemen, some armed.  After singing the Marseillaise they walked off leaving a good traffic snarl.  Metro line 2 had some problems this afternoon so we walked up to Arts et Metiers and caught line 3 back to Villiers.

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