Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday 21 December - Tramway T1

Mary decided to visit the museum of fashion today so I took a ride over the T1 tramway. I went to the western Asnieres terminus and rode through to Bobigny Pablo Picasso. The first part was opened a couple of years ago and runs through pleasant suburbs to Saint-Denis the original western terminus. From here the line threads its way through dense suburbs with many road crossings.  The real problem seems to be the many people who dart out in front of the tram, mostly at stations but there are many jay walkers.  The trams have only two main sections with a small intermediate unit and overcrowding is the norm, especially as many people have baby carriages or wheeled shopping carts. It doesn't seem that the trams can run in multiple so the RATP needs to look at reducing the frequency which today seemed to be about 7 or 8 minutes.


Bobigny Pablo Picasso

Line 5 now has been completely equipped with new trains which have good acceleration

Austerlitz. A casse nez in camouflage gray paint.

Main Hall at Austerlitz. Unfortunately this is some way away from the trains. The station seems to have been under repair/restoration/extension for ever

I walked across the river from Austerlitz to the Gare de Lyon

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