Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday 12 December - The Concorde and Galeries Lafayette

I took metro line 7 to the southern end at Ville Juif and then tram T7 to Athis Mons to verify that the Concorde was still on display.  There were three jet fighters on display as well but it looked as if there was no public access.

Athis Mons

Athis Mons
This afternoon we walked down to Boulevard Haussman to look at the decorations in Galeries Lafayette.  As usual the stupendous art deco dome took our breath away even before looking at the decorations which had a working ferris wheel and two working funiculars.

We looked for the Food Hall which used to be in the mens wear section next door but it has now been moved to a new section in a building across the street.  The Food Hall now has two floors and the cave a vins is on a separate floor,  The range of foods available is amazing.   You can find anything and at a great variety of prices.  We had an interesting discussion about various mustards at the Maille stand.
The vast selection of spices assaults ones nose

There are a large number of small bars where one can sit with a glass of wine and snack (dim sum, suishi as well as the more traditional fare). Quite an amazing expansion to this store.

This evening we had dinner at Le P'tit Canon. A wonderful meal.
Terrine de Campagne

Souris d'Agneau 
Cassoulet. This was the best meal of the trip so far.  Hunks of pig fat and skin together with several pieces of sausage in a wonderful thick sauce.

We started with champagne and had a half of Chinon red wine.  Tarte tatin came with a second spoon and Mary had a complimentary glass of champagne at the end. A truly memorable meal.

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