Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday 30 December - Musee des Arts Forains

The Musee des Arts Forains is in Bercy close to the line 14 Cour St-Emilion station.  The weather has turned colder and it was damp down by the river.  The Musee is not open on a regular basis but there was unrestricted entry over the holiday period.  It contains a large collection of fairground type exhibits from the late 19th and early 20th century.  Fairground rides and games have been well restored and there were a large number of families with small children. The exhibits are housed in a series of old warehouses that were formerly used to store wine.  Bercy village is close by which is set up like a semi enclosed mall. There must be a great deal of maintenance and restoration work required on the exhibits while a great number of people are required to work and display the various items. Rather than go into a detailed explanation it will be best to rely upon images and video.

The velocipede was an amazing attraction.  People sat on the seats and pedaled like mad when the brakes were released
In this game the kids rolled balls into the holes to score points and advance their waiter

Mulled wine was a welcome warm drink

This band played weird music but developed a following of small kids in a pied piper-like manner
Not only have the old buildings been used but the trees have become part of the musee as well
After a snack we walked through the Parc de Bercy which is a large semi-wild area of grass, trees and wetlands with large numbers of mallards and moorhens.  Very pleasant on a warmer day.

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