Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday 25 May - Marlborough and Salisbury Cathedral Organ

The bus to Marlborough was a great ride through the country.  The double decker was fitted with roo bars and we set out north through Amesbury and Pewsey. Much of the ridge was in high chalk country but we saw plenty of sheep, cattle and horses.  Many of the villages have retained their old character with many thatched roofs.  Marlborough is an unfortunate town which has been destroyed by the automobile.  It has a wide High Street which has a market today but the rest of the time is used as a parking lot, like Easingwold.  At one end there is a church and the prestigious Marlborough school while there is a church and the town hall at the other end.

Brinkworth Blue is a Wiltshire cheese made locally from Fresian milk. It is made in the Stilton style but is more crumbly.and maybe a little sharper.

Private fishing.  But he was in the wrong spot.  We saw several large fish just below us on the bridge.

A Pimms provided the fruit course at lunch
This evening we went to an organ concert held monthly at the cathedral.  There was a good screen set up to shown the keyboard and pedal operation and the program was chosen to demonstrate the organ rather than to provide fireworks.  The pieces were well chosen and well played.  The location was impressive with the subtle lighting emphasizing the wonderful stonework. A drink at the small bar in the Haunch of Venison rounded out the evening.

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