Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday 18 May - Eltham College Class of 1960

I took a train from Salisbury to London Waterloo and had a little time to spare so I watched the crowds at Kings Cross.  The new statue of Sir Nigel Gresley attracted little attention but the Harry Potter platform 9 3/4 was busy as usual.
Sir Nigel Gresley (without the mallard duck)
It was raining heavily when I entered the Skinners Arms just after 1200.  We had a good attendance and I was particularly pleased to see Ray Godfrey and John Boyd, neither of whom I had seen since leaving school.  We were disappointed that Colin Bishop and Charles Smith were forced to cancel at the last minute.  We had fun and made some noise while solving the problems of the world.  Our treasurer, Dai Rhys-Tyler kept an experienced eye on the beer and meal kitties and those who participated last time were given appropriate discounts.  Pictures speak louder than words.  At our last get together I was criticized for taking unflattering pictures that did not show a proper amount of hair.  This time I lowered the camera angle.  Next time if more hair is required we will have to find some wigs.
Dai Rhys-Tyler
Derek Browne and Rob Carter
John Boyd and Peter Gregory
Mike Fulford
John Boyd, Peter Gregory and Derek Browne
Dai Bamford
Ray Godfrey and John Bingham
Clive Grenyer
John Boyd
Colin Churcher and Ray Godfrey
John Palmer
John Boyd and Peter Gregory

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