Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday 21 May - Flying Scotsman in the Rain

We had breakfast at the Kings Head in the main street by the river.  There was a group at tables close to us evidently locals come into town on a Saturday.  The strong Wiltshire accent was very difficult to understand.  I heard the word "darling" several times in the market, a typical West Country term of address as well as endearment,

There was rain in the forecast for this afternoon.  As we walked around the Saturday market the drizzle started and this continued throughout the rest of the day.
The number and range of New Forest mushrooms is quite amazing
The Flying Scotsman passed through on a trip from London Paddington to Eastleigh and return. There were a lot of people at the station and good views were difficult.

This evening we had a Wiltshire Pasty - stuffed with ground beef, potato, swede and gravy

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