Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday 29 November - Buffet Retrospective

We went to see the Bernard Buffet Retrospective at the Paris Gallery of Modern Art.  This was a useful follow up to what we had learned at the Montmartre Museum.
We decided to take the #30 bus from Villiers to the Trocadero as it is always a lot of fun crossing the Etoile at the Arc de Triomphe.
Waiting for the bus we had a great view of Sacre Coeur

There was a cloudless sky to view the Eiffel Tower

There was also a good view of the Invalides from the Trocadero
Our visit to the Trocadero was enhanced by a group of Hasidic Jew who danced around in a circle singing the Marseillaise while one of theior number made a video. We walked from the Trocadero to the Gallery of Modern Art.  It was bright and sunny although pretty cold in the shade or wind.

The Buffet Retrospective was very well shown.  The museum has a large space so that the exhibits are not crowded.  There were quite a large crowd but we had plenty of space to see the pictures and other items at our leisure. The paintings on the horrors of war were particularly moving.

We decided to walk back.  This gave me the opportunity to buy some back bacon and chocolate biscuits at Marks and Spencers.  From there we had a snack in a small place off the Champs Elysees (much cheaper) and then through Monceau Park.
The fruit on Persimmon tree has ripened in the last week 
Kindergarden kids in Monceau

For supper this evening I found a rotisserie chicken with potatoes together with cherry tomatoes and green beans.  It took just over ten minutes to get out, make the purchase and get back. 

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