Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday and Friday 17-18 November. Travel to Paris

We had to travel to Paris through Toronto which made the journey a lot longer.  Moreover the plane to Paris was a relatively new 780 which is pretty cramped and uncomfortable.  It was one of the most uncomfortable transatlantic journeys I have ever had.  The seats are narrow and there is little leg room.  I have had more comfortable rides on steam engines.

At CDG there were over a 100 people lining up to buy tickets to get into Paris from a bank of three machines.  What the crowd didn't seem to know was that there are several other banks of machines with quite small lines so we managed to get our tickets quite quickly.  The RER seemed to be having some trouble as there were several sidelined trains we saw on the way in.  Our train was very crowded.  Although all trains go to the airport there is nowhere to put bags.

It was sunny with a few clouds although the air was a little cool - around 12 degrees.  A good day to be outside.

Georgina was in the apartment waiting for us and we quickly refamiliarized ourselves.

It was past 1300 and lunch was in order as we had had no breakfast to speak of (Air Canada banana bread doesn't count as it is largely inedible.

Le Petit Canon was busy on a Friday lunch time.  There was accordion music played over the speakers as well as some songs from the 1950s.  The bartender owner shouted a big welcome and the server gave me a big hug.  Her little girl is now two and a half and is walking and beginning to speak.

The Beaujolais Nouveau had come in just a couple of days ago  so we had to check it out. It has good color and agreat nose although the legs are not too strong.  It has lots of tannin although still a little rough.
Mary had seafood lasagne with salmon and cabill
In had the confit de canard

Both were very good but very filling.  It is so good to come back after almost a year and be greeted as old friends

Afterwards we went to Monoprix to buy foodstuffs and then back a second time to buy soaps, tissues, creams etc.  A bottle of Oban scotch cost 44 euros here (about $63).  It costs about $110 in the LCBO.

Early to bed tonight.


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