Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday 27 November - Mouffetard and La Madeleine

We took the metro over to Monge where the market was in full swing.  It is very busy on a Sunday, Much of the produce is organic and the lines were very long at some places.

One stall sold a great number of sausages - nothing else.

Walking down Mouffetard several galette places were sending out steam and smelling delicious.

Extra large crabs
In the square at the bottom of the street they were giving out song sheets

At least I knew the tune to "Hello Dolly"'

The dancers were pretty good with some interesting moves.

We made the mistake of looking for lunch at the Bistrot Mouffetard.  It has gone downhill and the service was pretty bad.  Next time go somewhere else, there's many to choose from.

We planned to go to the concert at La Madeleine at 1600 and had plenty of time to make it across the river.  We walked along the Rue Monge as far as Saint Germain where there was a row of shops:
greengrocer, fishmonger, baker, butcher, fromageur, patisseur and a cafe - everything you might want in one row.  We then went up to the river which we crossed below Notre Dame.  

We finished up walking past Notre Dame to the Rue de Rivoli and eventually La Madeleine. There was still plenty of time which we spent in a cafe across from La Madeleine.

The concert was to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Dimanches Musicales at La Madeleine. The choir was good but the acoustics where we were were not the best.  Works by Mendelsohn, Nicolas and Handel (extracts from the Messiah).  The Handel was familiar but the choir was drowned in places.

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