Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday 26 May - In Salisbury

Sign outside a butcher's shop - looks like a lot of (only home killed) meat

We leave for Shrewsbury tomorrow.  The Tourist Office has a guided walk around the town centre which proved to be very interesting.  The guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and this helped to fill in some of the blanks for us.  The interiors of a number of the buildings have been preserved and give a good idea as to how they were built.

Woolgrowers house showing wattle and daub construction

Woolgrowers house - all wood construction

The courtroom in the guildhall - an exact reproduction of the Old Bailey
The doom wall in the parish church of Thomas Beckett.  Believed to be the only one now in existence, it was painted over and forgotten for several hundred years
 Lunch was in the quiet garden of the New Inn which backs on to the cathedral close.  A family of rooks have made a nest in a chimney close by.  Pretty convenient until you need to light a fire.
The stones from the cathedral at Old Sarum were used in the walls of the new city
A walk this evening to the Old Mill gave us an opportunity to admire the cathedral across the water meadows.

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