Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday 27 May - Travel Salisbury to Shrewsbury

The train to Newport was very full indeed but we had seat reservations.  There was a change of direction at Bristol Temple Meads and then the big climb up to Pilning and Patchway for the journey through the Severn Tunnel.  I remember vividly a nasty experience I had here when I was doing my training on the railway. I was on a steam locomotive helping a failing diesel train to get through th tunnel and up to Pilning.  The engine was in poor condition and we came very close to stalling in the single bore tunnel near Pilning.  A stalled steam hauled passenger train in those tight conditions would have been very unpleasant indeed.

Today our train made good time through the tunnel without any problems at all.  Newport station is very difficult to navigate but the train to Shrewsbury was not too full  and we arrived on time.  This was one of those silly things where we had tickets that were only available on this specific train and we had seat reservations but no seats were assigned

The apartment seems quite good and is centrally located.  The shops soon provided us with everything we needed to set up house keeping.

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