Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday 22 May - Sunday Roast and Cygnets

The Sunday roast at the Haunch of Venison was good last week and we decided to return to try the chicken and beef this time.  Both were excellent as were the vegetables.  The Courage bitter has traditionally come from Reading and this went down very well.
The all wood construction of this ancient building is really interesting
There was a short shower during lunch after which we walked around the town centre a little.

Very ornate stone carving above a window.
We walked along by a branch of the River Avon.

The second of a pair of swans came slowly past against the current and we were surprised to see four cygnets being carried high and mostly dry on its back under the protection of the wings.  The young were having a bit of a struggle to stay on and one trailed into the water at one time. 

This evening we had a short walk along the water meadows to the Old Mill at Harnum for a pint, a glass of rose and a packet of roast ox crisps. 

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