Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday 30 November - Herge, Tintin and Bigre at the Theatre Tristan Bernard

We went to the exhibit of the work of Georges Remi or Herge who is best known for the Tintin cartoons.  It was another well thought exhibit, this time at the Grand Palais 

He did a great deal of work other than Tintin
He was Belgian and much of his early work was done there.  He made some strong snti German statements during the 1930s and the war was a difficult period for him

The window painters have been busy along the rue des Rochers with this caricature of Donald Trump on an Italian restaurant.
This evening we went to see Bigre at the Theatre Tristan Bernard on the rue des Rochers, about ten minutes walk from the apartment,  We had wondered how we would manage with the dialogue but needn't have worried as there wasn't any.  There were three players, two rabbits and a goldfish and it was slapstick comedy all the way through.

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