Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday 24 November - Souffles and more

We went over to the Jardins de Luxembourg via the metro and RER line B.  Getting off the metro at Pigalles was a middle aged lady well dressed in black with a wide brimmed straw hat and carrying a a six foot aluminum extending ladder.  

The flower beds added a nice touch of color

There were many joggers at lunchtime  and there was a pick up basketball game in progress
The gardens were busy and we spent some time people watching.  There were several little kids who had to be closely watched to avoid them climbing on the concrete and falling into the pond.

St. Sulpice looks good from the outside but is seriously in need of restoration inside where it was dark and dingy with much peeling paint.

When he was being harrassed by my old Mum, my old Dad used to say "Stick a broom up my arse and I will sweep the floor as well"
There was a demonstration by medical people most of whom were sitting in the street but many were enjoying a glass of beer in the mild weather.
We had lunch at Le Recamier which has a reputation for souffles.  It was pleasant and friendly and we had an interesting conversation with two retired men on one side, one lived in the 16th and the other was visiting from Nice.  The lady on the other side was a regular who was well known and knew the menu well.
I started with excellent rognons
Mary started with souffle aux epinards
Mary's dessert was souffle au Grand Marnier with lots of Grand Marnier

I had souffle au chocolat
With a bottle of Chinon red this made an excellent meal. The service was friendly although it has a reputation for poor service for non-French speakers.

From there we walked along the rue de Raspail and crossed the river to the Louvre to catch line 1 to the Etoile and line 2 back to Villiers.

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