Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday 20 November - Monceau

We got off to a slow start this morning what with jet lag and Mary's cold, which seems better.

It was mild out but a little windy with some sun and possibly rain later.  The walk along to Monceau always has to take in the window at Lenotre to marvel at the exquisite pastries and the prices.

There are always a lot of people in the park on Sundays.  There is a very large oval pathway which is taken up by the many joggers, all running in an anti clockwise direction. This Parisian regimentation makes a great deal of sense and avoids a great deal of confusion.

This appears to be a persimmon tree.  The fruit becomes a bright orange when ripe.  People are already harvesting it as there is nothing left on the ground.
A vast number of dive bombers searching out their next target.

The restored pond is beautiful now that the water, fish and birds have been returned.

Back on the rue de Levis the morning craziness was beginning to calm down as people made their way back home for lunch.  Many had baguettes under their arms with one end broken off which they were munching contentedly.  We bought a still warm baguette de tradition at Diva et Chocolat.  It was oven warn and we had happily eaten a third of it before we had walked the block home.

Lunch was at Le Bistrot D'Id which has maintained its excellent down to earth menu.  The magret de canard with a sauce of airelles and gratin dauphonois together with a glass of nouveau braujolais went down very well.
There was a little rain this afternoon.

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