Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday 10 February - Relais de Venise and Louis Vuitton Foundation

The city parks have been closed the last couple of days because of high winds.  This morning they were open again and Batignolles had a good display of daffodils and crocus.
Pat and I decided to walk to Porte Maillot via Place de Ternes and the Poncelet market.
We stopped in at a cafe for coffee and croissants.
Lunch at the Relais de Venise was up to its normal high standard.  We spoke to a couple who had been coming there for 48 years.  As we left I wished them a happy 50 year visit.
Steak and frits - le secret est dans la sauce,
"If I have to have dessert I will have the ice cream and caramel sauce."
"But the Vacherin looks pretty good."
This afternoon we walked to the Louis Vuitton museum which had an exhibit of contemporary Chinese art.  The building continued to impress.  The art less so.

The wooden structurl form work is amazing

This shows the end of one of the beams.  It is made up of square section wooden pieces of 14 rows of 30 columns, the whole having to be curved to a specific shape.
The exterior water feature is impressive in the way the wave forms move in different directions.

We walked back through the park where a large number of kids had been involved in a special procession - dress up, face painting and masks.
Walking back to the metro the park train crossed the street in front of us.

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