Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday 18 February - Eltham College class of 1960 Reunion.

I walked over to Paddington this morning to find out about the Heathrow Express.  I was pleased to see that a start has been made on cleaning the roof which has been blackened by years of diesel exhaust fumes.

The 205 bus took me to Kings Cross where I took a look at the Festiniog Railway locomotive No. 1, which was built in 1963.  It is on exhibition until the weekend,  It was very popular with the small boys and some big boys as well.

We had a great turnout at the Skinners Arms.  Dai Rhys-Tyler (Treasurer), Julian Hale, Mike Fulford, Peter Gregory, Colin Bishop, Clive Grenyer, Derek Browne, Charles Smith, Dai Bamford, John Palmer, John Bingham and myself.  Ian Cunningham and Rob Carter were forced to withdraw at the last minute and regrets from Roy Bennett and Peter Holgate.   Lots of discussion, some drinking and some eating and a very enjoyable time indeed.  It was particularly good to see Derek and Clive while John Palmer and Colin Bishop travelled long distances making round trips from South Wales and Cumberland in one day.

John Bingham, John Palmer, Dai Rhys-Tyler
Colin Bishop and Peter Gregory
Julian Hale and Mike Fulford
Derek Browne, Clive Grenyer and Dai Bamford
Charles Smith, Clive Grenyer and Dai Bamford
Clive Grenyer, Dai Bamford and John Bingham

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