Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday 9 February - Pat arrives from Canada

I went out to Charles de Gaulle airport this morning to meet Pat and bring her back to the apartment. The journey out on RER line B was not without incident.  The train was five minutes late and was overcrowded arriving in Gare du Nord.  There was a train load of people trying to get in and a number didn't make it.  I was stood up rigid in the crowd and couldn't even find anywhere to hold on to.  The station stops were long because of the time taken to unload and load and so we lost more time on the way out.  At CDG Terminal 1, just one stop away from the end of the line at Terminal 2, everyone was turned out and I had to wait for the next train to take me to my destination.  Many of the escalators in the terminal were not working and the Air Canada flight had made up time so I didn't have a great amount of time to wait for Pat.

The ride back to Villiers was relatively uneventful apart from the large group of excited schoolchildren who got on at Anvers and then formed up at the bottom of the steps at Villiers to exit the metro in an orderly fashion.

The first order of business was champagne and to discuss what we were going to do in the next week or so.

We had lunch at Le P'tit Canon which was very good as usual.
The Sanglier was in a deep tasty sauce
Steak with a bordelaise sauce
Gambas with risotto
The place was full when we arrived but we were not in any great hurry and were the last to leave. Isabel and Audree were very attentive and joked with us throughout the meal.  With a bottle of red Bergerac we had a great time.

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