Sunday, October 16, 2016

Saturday 15 October - Coming home

It was raining when we left the hotel early and before breakfast.  The walk up the hill to the station was not too onerous with our bags and we had enough time to get a coffee before boarding the ICN to Zurich Airport.  We made straight for the restaurant car and had a breakfast of croissants and breads with butter and jam, muesli and coffee.  The ride in the restaurant car was not particularly good with some hunting but the electric banking performed well.

Of course we arrived at Zurich Airport precisely on time. The last train we saw was a preserved small brown crocodile with its rods flashing around.  I think it was 15301.

The journey home required lots of waiting, first at Zurich then in London.  Zurich is a disaster because the only area to sit down is where you have to spend money at a cafe or restaurant, there is no seating in the shopping area.  In London the seating is in the center with the shops around the outside.

Both Air Canada and Swissair were on time and the Air Canada crew were almost pleasant for once apart from the man in charge who had had gestapo training. Karen came to the airport and spared us the suffering of the 97 OC Transpo 97 bus.

It was a great trip and Paul and I both enjoyed immensely.  The itinerary was very full but manageable and we saw what we wanted to see.  We couldn't see everything and already there are suggestions for a return.

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