Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday 10 October - Aigle and Bex

An ICN took us to Lausanne and we had a cross platform transfer onto the train for Aigle.  We ran along the shore of Lac Leman through Vevey and Montreux, past the Chateau de Chillon with which Mary and I became familiar during our stay last September.

At Aigle the first thing we saw was one of the new trams for the Chambery line which now has the same traction voltage as the other two Aigle lines while the rack system has also been altered to be the same.
New tram for the Chambery line at Aigle
We took a tram on the Sepey line through the town as far as the depot where there is a reversal of direction and the tram runs on to the rack.
Walking back into Aigle we caught an inbound tram in the old colors crossing the Place du Marche on its way to the railway station.
Old and new faces of the Aigle trams.
The SBB have now started using driving trailers on their trains between Brig and Geneva Airport via Montreux and Lausanne.  The 460 locomotive is now always on the Geneva end which is poor for photography.
We took a local train to Bex and found an Re 6/6 waiting to leave in the Brig direction.
With the light just right we started to take photographs.  The driver leaned out of the cab and laughed "Vous etes de Paris Match?"
We walked into Bex and watched a couple of trams go through the narrow street.

Love this street sign
We rode this tram back to the Bex station

We took a train back to Montreux which was strangely quiet for a station with three gauges.  We did see this new train built by Stadler for the MOB.  It is a meter gauge GTW unit.
We took our time returning to Neuchatel with pauses at Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains where the Ste Crois narrow gauge line had produced another carload of pit props. An empty gondola had been placed on skates in an excellent position to see how the system operates.

This evening we rode the funicular at Neuchatel and had lunch in the old part of town.

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