Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday 20 January - Musee Ceramique Saint-Cloud

The ceramic museum at Saint-Cloud - Sevres is close to the T2 tram stop but road works made it difficult to find our way to the entrance. On passing through the gates we were pounced upon by two security guys who had nothing very little to do in the freezing temperatures,  On entering the building we were subjected to another security check.  The museum is very good and has an extensive collection which illustrates the history of ceramics but it is displayed in the old style with walls of plates and pots with poor signage very low down.  There is special emphasis upon ceramics made in France and in Sevres in particular.
The exhibits were difficult to photograph being virtually all behind glass
There were an interesting series of plates illustrating industries in the early 1800s

Some of the plates, pots etc. were very ornate showing what pots the ruling classes had to piss in. After a couple of floors we had become overwhelmed - any more and we would have gone potty.

We walked through the Saint-Cloud park another huge domaine with long rows of pathways lined with trees.  It was lunchtime and the joggers were out in force.

There was a thi coating of ice on the water which must be spectacular in the summer
The walk through the park was very pleasant in the sun. Finding the Parc de Saint-Cloud tram stop was difficult as we had to negotiate several busy roads and there was no signage at all.
Tram T2 at Parc de Saint-Cloud
We came back taking the tram to Porte de Versailles and then the metro.
Buckwheat crepe au raclette (emmental, ham,m potatoes, cornichons
Crepe sucre with basil and olive oil ice cream
Crepe sucre a la tarte tatin
This evening we went to Chez Maxence a creperie on Legendre, very close to us, to compare it with La Bigoudine yesterday.  We had the cheaper lunch specials yesterday but the meal this evening was better and the ambiance was preferable.

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